Press and Customer Sea Trials

Press and Customer Sea Trials

Sea trials for new models from JEANNEAU and PRESTIGE for 2017 have just been completed on the iconic Bay of Cannes, and in ideal conditions, under a blue sky and in the bright spring sunlight.

For over a week, four PRESTIGE models (PRESTIGE 560, 630, 680 S and 750) were on display and available for sea trials, much to the delight of marine journalists and customers.

This event was an unprecedented success! It was an opportunity to discover the boats in sea trial condition and in a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

CUSTOMER SEA TRIALS Over thirty customers honoured us with their participation in our exclusive days of PRESTIGE sea trials in the South of France.

PRESS SEA TRIALS 32 journalists, photographers and videographers were also present to communicate about our brands through the international media.

In all, over 100 PRESTIGE sea trials took place between the port of Cannes and the Iles de Lérins.

All our crew, including PRESTIGE dealers and our partners, worked in concert in order to provide participating journalists and customers with the best possible conditions for discovering our new models. The days were intense and very enriching!

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